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IB | Stan (nyyankee2004) wrote,
@ 2004-02-17 21:02:00
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    Current mood: ditzy
    Current music:Trapt - Echo

    busy busy busy
    I am too busy to update today ... wanna just mention a few things ... am typing slow because i have a sprained ring and thumb from bball .... gj stan

    Happy 16th birthday to jen bandy ... I honestly do feel bad that I forgot about it sometime between the 14th and 15th, or midway between my 3rd and 4th essays that I was writing. I hope i did say happy birthday to you sometime before that ... o dear, I do hope you aren't too upset with me ... although id understand it completely if you are... I hope you did enjoy a wonderful birthday and your new car.

    First violin sextion of hte WW orchestra needs to learn to count. yes, that includes me, although i would be taking too much of the blame if i said it was all my fault. The off beats .... please people, try not to screw yourself, your stand partner, and the people around you over because you couldnt bother to work on those off beats .... pretty pretty please? Rehearsal stunk like wonchon's ass today, so that bugged me. Bugged me about as much as nathan wu thinkin hes a godly violinist and lecturing me on my section of the orchestra. I know it's harder than certain people who never have tried it before think, but do practice. And as a bet to any member in our orchestra, besides my own first violin section, I will bet you 20 bucks that we can't go through a rehearsal without your section being called upon at least once. Sounds unreasonable? I think so. So while we're at it, until your section is perfect for 90 minutes of rehearsal, I ain't gonna listen to any trash talk u gon say bout my section. Capische? Good.

    Mrs Fort's dozen flowers are lost ... does anyone know where they are?

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