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IB | Stan (nyyankee2004) wrote,
@ 2004-02-11 00:05:00
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    Current mood: gloomy
    Current music:Captain Jack Sparrow - POTC OST

    Do you ever have one of those days
    Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like youre alternately torn between happiness and depression? I dont know, mebbe it's jsut me and my hormonal imbalances because I'm a loser, as according to chelsea, which is ok, since she's a loser too.

    Actually, I seem to have realized that I tend to root for hte loser more often than not in most contexts. I mean, I rooted for the panthers against the patriots for the super bowl, dean against everyone else for president, trotsky against stalin, what not, what not. I dont know why I seem to cheer for the underdog so much, except maybe I have this unbridled hope that someday, these underdogs, these losers can be able to finish on top, to own conventional betting wisdom and the pragmatic righteousness that some people seem to have. For those of you who dislike 7 dollar words (and i don't like them much either, but im sorta floating right now, so you get to take what i give) it means that i'm annoyed when people go about strutting around like theyre right (which they are_ and I'm wrong (which i am), because everything, societal conventions, logic, and reason all say that what they say is true. (OK i think i confused you more ... i reckon ill give an example later.) Say what you want about Dr. Schaack and TOK being the most useless class in the world (it comes a close second to comp sci), i think that in taking that, I have been less reluctant to defend these farfetched ideas that are not backed by anything but a pure happy hope. I hope there are those of you out there that arent afraid to believe in crazy, irrational, optimistic things over calculating, ruthless, and rational whatevers. It's just not a good way to live, dawg

    My my my, how did i get drawn into a thing on philosophy .. oh yeah, the example. I was minorly annoyred at Jen today (and it really wasnt her fault, if she's reading this ... I was jsut feeling a lil snappish and she just happeend to be at hte right place at hte right time to illustrate my point here) during lunch. Me, wonchon and steve and steven were discussin the possibilities of the future, which imvolves wonchon and emily (who wants to be wild and crazy in princeton, btw, congrat her on her desire toget drunk, high, and laid in college .. i hope her mom doesnt read this stuff i write) operating on me and me suing them. Anyhow, I think i said something like, well, if you fuck me up, im gonna sue you like you won't believe. And then Jen turns around and was like dude, stan, dont cuss, theres a 5 month old kid over there (i didnt see the kid btw, just so you know) and i have a problem of talking way way way too loud, so i figure everyone heard it. But it made me annoyed, for the following reasons (and jen, again, i really really am not upset at you or anyhting, i was jsut annoyed then and im explaining why, please please please dont take offense)

    1. OK, it's not exactly hypocrisy, cuz jen didnt cuss in front of the lil kid, but it bothers me when people tell me not to do somethign that they do in other contexts, not barring absolute absolute exceptions to the rule. Jen cusses a bit, i have no problem with that, but I mean, if youre gonna cuss, its not honorable to tell other people not to cuss in any circumstance (ill make a few exceptions, such as disturbing than peace or something, that's fair)

    2. If you have a personal objection to cussing, I'm cool with that, ill watch my language around you (shirley and my parental units come ot mind). Here's the problem, I dont agree with deciding whether or not other people may be fit to hear my language. Even lil kids (who dont understand the concept of a cuss word anyway) will eventually be exposed to such filth (yes i know its a filthy habit but it helps me release repressed anger from other things) I supose this point can be summed up as, I will respect your wishes, but just as you wouldnt want me to outline your wishes, i dont think its fair that you outline someone else's wishes, whether or not they are competent.

    3. If i have to take into consideration of the personal tastes of anyone and everyone around me (whether i can see them or not) before i open my mouth, I might as well not speak. To take into consideration the feelings of your immediate listeners is one thing, to have to take into account eavesdroppers and such is, to me, way too difficult. One of the principles of free speech is simply ... offensive speech. Maybe what you say may be offensive to me, I dont know.

    But in the end, to try to tell someone to stop cussing becuase someone else may be offended is to take away their right to speak up for themselves. I agree with jen, btw, I dont think i should have cussed in front of a lil kid, he has time to learn the other, more polite language of English, but i guess it was a bit of a righteous tone that bugged me, cuz well-meaning or not, it jsut smacks of a less extreme case of "I'm better than you because what i believe in is more right than what you believe in." THat just bugs me a bit, yknow?

    OK one of the reasons for my slight downer is cuz we finished the visit by durrenmatt today. I'll discuss the downerness of the play at a later date. For now, read this, comment please, and peace out.

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