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Megan (nutmeg1186) wrote,
@ 2003-07-09 23:27:00
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    Everything sounds beautiful en Francais...
    After a long day at school (yes, on summer vacation) my mom and I went shopping with a couple of our family friends and had an awesome time. Most girls my age hate spending time with their parents but I wouldn't have changed this night for the world. We went to a clearance sale at was painful...the two daughters (myself and the 20 year old Katie) were discusted with the outfits and gave our mother's alittle style advice. Now, we are no experts, but it was like something out of a movie...ex: "Meg, what do you think of this skirt?" "MOM, it has MONKEY'S on it, drop the skirt, how about this?!" Thank goodness she was joking... After about an hour, the mom's bought some nice ensemble's for work with the full approval of their children :) Did you think the shopping was done? Au contraire... Target was just around the corner and we dragged them in to look around. I state here and now that it is ok for girls to take their mom's shopping, but mom's picking things out for the girls just doesn't always work. I have to give my mom alot credit though, she used to buy all my clothes, and she taught me to not wear black and blue in my preteen awkward years! So anyways, I titled this article the way I did because I bought only one thing tonight; a shirt with only French sayings on it. For those of you who do not know, I have taken French for 5 years and LOVE it! The shirt says things like "dans mon coeur j'ai trouve l' valeur de vie dans trouver d'amour...and, l'amour est pur." Without even knowing what it means (which I am not telling) it sounds beautiful. Ok, je suis fatigue (I am tired) so goodbye and bon nuit!

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