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lonely and its all that i've got (numb_and_cold) wrote,
@ 2005-03-06 20:24:00
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    Current mood:numb
    Current music:Less than Jake-She's gonna break soon

    ~cut the body, burn the soul, erase the past, to never know~
    Sometimes I just dont know how I feel, or how to feel. Its weird. sometimes i'm happy and luv my life, and other times I hate it and am miserable. It changes day to day, moment to moment. As far as working this weekend, working 2-6 was awesome. less time the better with stupid ignorant customers and managers....Even tho I feel kinda down, next weekend is gonna be awesome! I cant wait to see the Used again, and then I have off Sunday too which is great. Im really not going to the rave to see any other bands, if I was there the whole time, it would be way to overwelming. I'm kinda hoping to see some people who I met last time there, I prolly wont though. I'm hoping to find a party or do something crazy! cuz im like not going home after that... I'm always worried when things are going pretty good in my life that they are gonna disappear and im gonna be all alone. I'm so sick of my so-called best friends ditching me for a guy, or developing some weird jealosy problem... Maybe im not normal, but I dont get why some people are willing to ditch their friends for their bf, or whatever... it seems like alot of relationships never work out, especially those when you're young. I think alot of people get way to serious. I mean, I just wanna have fun with my life and do whatever. I dont wanna be tied down to one person or anything... I really miss some of the people that i've lost. I cant wait til I graduate. i'm doing so bad in my classes right now, Im perfectly capable of being like a straight A or B student, but this year I like stopped caring... I wish I could miss more school, but I dont need a trunacy ticket, the stupid speeding ticket was enuf, along with the numerous other police encounters i've had. I've never thought of myself as a "bad kid" and im very far from it, so it seems really wierd when my dad, or the principle thinks I am. I think im going to mptc next fall, but i kinda wanna take a break from school,but thats prolly a bad idea. im gonna miss my friends who are going off to college away from here, but I guess thats how it goes.. grrrr I have to finish writing my speech for tomorrow on Las Mariposas. they were a group of sisters in the dominican republic who tried to help overthrow a brutal leader who was a tyrant, and they ended up getting killed in a planned masacrre. I hope my class isnt too bored by it. oh and i think I have some other hw I forgot about... I hate school....yay, no work til thurs! anyways, thatz it 4 now....

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