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lonely and its all that i've got (numb_and_cold) wrote,
@ 2005-06-30 18:23:00
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    Current mood:crazy
    Current music:chevelle-The red

    So, I havent updated this in a while. How sad. Lets see. About a week ago I started working 40hrs cuz I really need the money. Work is work, but it gets so boring working 9 hrs shifts standing there when there arent any cool people to talk to. It was awesome, cuz last week I hung out with one of my old friends from walmart(Jen) who i havent talked to since like last september. I dont know what happened, but we kinda just stopped talking. It was fun to hang out with her and the gang again tho. I also hung out with some other people and went shopping... Mike came back yesterday from Europe:) Today we went to have breakfast at sandy's cafe in barton which was pretty good. Then we went out to the beach at lake michigan kinda near belgium and we just walked through the water cuz it was so hot out. Then we got bored and decided to go out to the light house in port and alot of people were out there. We just layed on the cement and tried to get a tan. Obviously I didnt because I just stay pale(oh well) I love summer, Sunday is gonna be really fun cuz after work Mike, his family, and me are going to kewaskum to see fire works! Atleast this year I dont have to work til 10 and miss them. I'm going to moraine park for nuclear medicine, btw so thats something to look forward too. I'm not sure if i'm gonna go to summerfest at all.....I've got lots of other plans this summer, so it really doesnt matter. well thats all for now...adios

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