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lonely and its all that i've got (numb_and_cold) wrote,
@ 2005-05-06 00:10:00
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    The Ultimate Random Survey + Word Associations! w00t!244 questions!

    Created by boredyes and taken 55 times on bzoink!

    School?west bend east
    Distinctive facial feature???
    Your opinions on Bush?i support him
    Favorite Band(s)?the used, my chemical romance, dashboard,avril lavigne
    Current song?helena-my chemical romance, or blue and yellow-the used
    Ever been out of the country? (Where?)no
    Longest flight ever?none
    Best stranger you've met?random people i talk to when i see them yet i dont know there name
    What size bed do you sleep on?double
    Are you a morning person?hell no
    Do you have a set routine every morning?school, and work. otherwise no
    Have you ever attended a wedding?yes, a couple. i've catered at some too
    What religion do you practice?lutheran
    Does Easter mean anything to you?yes, it means what it says in the bible
    If we went to McDonald's right now, what would you order?chocolate shake
    If you had $10,000 to donate to a charity, what charity would you choose?idk, something with kids
    What was your last dream about?buried alive
    How many U.S States have you visited?6 or 7. pretty sad isnt it
    What are your views on the war in Iraq?i think we had the right to go over there, i just hate that our soldiers are getting killed
    What was your favorite childhood fairy tale?sleeping beauty
    What's your favorite Disney movie?the little mermaid
    Current Book?white oleander
    Have you ever broken bones?no
    Ever been hospitalized?yes, earlier this year. and almost for my supposed eating disorder
    Ever worn braces?yes, awful
    If forced to eliminate one 'sense', which sense would you lose? (Sight,etc)smell
    Do you get embarassed when you have to dance in public?no
    What's the most embarassing song you secretly like?barbie girl
    How good are your chances of getting into Harvard?pretty slim
    What is your favorite color?black with pink or purple
    Would you rather be deaf or blind?deaf
    Do you know how to do the Macarena? (Admit it!)ummm yeah
    The Funky Chicken?no
    Who would you pick to act as you in the life of your movie?
    What song would be the theme song of your life movie?my perfect ending, avril lavignen
    What do you want to do this weekend?um hang out with my friends
    What was the name of your third grade teacher?my mom homeschooled me that year. it was so much fun
    How old were you when you learned to divide?4
    What were you doing around this time last year?i honestly cant remember. i was in school??
    What do you want to do with your life in the next 5-10 years?finish college, get a good job, travel. become happy
    Lesser of Two Evils... (Would you rather..)
    Have permanent acne, or permanent pimples?neither
    Be short/fat/pretty face or tall/skinny/ugly face?neither
    Lose a hand or a leg?leg
    Lose your voice or your sense of touch?touch
    Die quickly when you're young or have a long, painful death when you're olddie young
    Become vegetarian or lactose-intolerant?lactose intolerant
    Be reincarnated or risk Hell?reincarnated
    Which would you do over: 4th grade or 6th grade?4th
    Lose your spouse or your child?spouse
    Eat dog crap or your own crap?eeww
    Shag Gimli or Gandalf??
    Have no ear or no toes?no toes
    Lose your left hand or your right foot?left hand
    Go back in time or go into the future? (Why?)back and change it
    Become permanently illiterate or never see another book again?neither
    Have to to sleep with your mom or grandmother? (Or father or grandfather?)mom
    Word Association (Write the first thing that come to mind...)
    Yellow?blue and yellow
    Death?the end, alone
    Apple?adam and eve
    Ask Jeeves?hate it
    Flying?in my dreams
    Wizard?wizard of oz
    God?i believe
    Popes?over rated
    Jewish culture?i dont hate it
    The Princess Bride?good movie
    More Random Questions
    Are you comfortable with your 7 times table??
    What are you wearing?pj's
    What was the last gift you received?idk
    What was the last gift you gave?ummmm i cant remember
    Do you keep a (written) journal or diary?yeah, at school with my friend
    Do you use LJ, Xanga, or any other online journal?blurty
    Name three European countries and their capitals.
    How do you feel about the Terri Schiavo case?it was only right to let her die
    What are three things you look for in the opposite sex?hot, caring, treating me with equality
    If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?i woiuld care less about what people thought o fme so i could have more fun
    What famous person are you most like?someome said i looked like amy smart/
    Can you play an instrument?i used to play the piano
    How old were you when you received (or gave) your first kiss?idk
    Do you avidly follow certain TV shows?not really anymore
    How many cartoon theme songs do you know by heart????
    How do you pronounce the word "apricot?"idk
    How good are you at guessing distances?ok
    What's your shoe size?8
    What was your last purchase?spray bottle, lotion
    When was the last time you went out of town? last week
    One song you'd recommend to everyone?adam's song
    On what site do you spend the most time when on the internet?idk, mainly msn
    Do you think you're a good cook?yeah
    Best subject in school?history
    Most humiliating moment ever?something at school prolly
    Number of times you've lied to save your own ass?alot
    Favorite Scooby Doo character?scooby
    Use three words to describe yourself.doubtful,interesting,kind
    What's your cultural/ethnic background?german, english,welsh,scottish
    Best Christmas present ever?umm a book with a note written to me in it
    Worst Christmas present ever?nothing
    Favorite Male Celebrity?james dean, johnny depp
    Your stripper name?crystal ice,idk
    How many nursery rhymes do you know by heart?a couple
    When you say the ABCs, do you find yourself singing them?yeah
    When you count with your fingers, do you fold your fingers down or up?up
    What body wash do you use?some apricot stuff
    Have you ever played DDR? Are you good at it?no
    What was the last movie you saw in theaters?meet the fockers
    Most exotic place you've ever been?kentucky,lol
    Worst school-related memory?4th grade
    Can you turn your ankle clockwise while making a six with your right hand?wtf
    Are you very flexible?actually yes
    Do you play sports?no, i always wanted to do track
    If you could re-do your entire life, would you?no, cuz then i wouldnt be me..i would like to do some things different
    Make something on Paint right now and post it at the end of this, too lazy
    Who would you collect call right now?no
    Favorite board game?candyland
    Shuffle your music and write the first song that pops up + "in my pants".remember the first time in my pants
    Pick up the nearest book to you- what is it?there arent any near me
    Do you type with your fingers on the correct keys?sometimes
    Who do you want to shag from Harry Potter?....
    What time is it right now?11:37
    Make a short rhyme for your name.. right now.cryst'al is appaul'ed at nick
    Who's wardrobe would you swap with?
    Would you trade your voice with anyone else's? (Who's?)angelina jolie
    If you could be in the body of a celebrity for a day, who would you pick?avril lavigne, angelina jolie
    Write the lyrics to a song representing a bad sorry that i feel so alone, is just wanted to try, so i didnt have to die without you
    Can you describe Alaska's state flag ?(w/o looking it up!)no
    How many countries around the world speak English?lots
    If you had to get a tatoo right now, what would you get?one of those on the small of my back
    Have you ever been on a cruise?no,what if i fell overboard
    If you had to get plastic surgery, what would you have done?idk....
    What is Madonna's last name?i used to know..
    Are you superstitious?yeah
    What was the last movie you saw in theaters?meet the fockers
    What colour are your eyes?green,blue
    Do you wish you had an accent?french
    More Word Association.. (write the first thing that comes to mind)
    Markers?smell bad
    Honey mustard?yummy
    Babysitters?hate them
    Money?love it
    Time?i dont have enuf
    Dreamcatchers?there pretty
    USA?awesome place to live
    Oceans?i wanna see one soon
    Pollution?wrong, how can you destroy your world?
    Livestrong?my bracelet
    Minimum wage?should be higher
    Pot?ummmm i really dont care. stoners
    Brad Pitt?not hott
    Lunchboxes?4th grade
    Techno?i hate it
    Michael Jackson?preverted, jail time
    Classical music?ok
    Flipflops?i love them
    Back to the questions
    Where were you born?men. falls
    Would you ever get a name change?no
    Have you ever gone skinny dipping?yes
    Do you smoke?no
    Who are your 5 best friends?cant say
    Whats the most embarassing fad you took part in?
    Do you consider yourself popular?no, and i dont want to be
    Around how many movies do you think you watch per year?20-30
    Are you allergic to anything?dust
    What is the most valuable thing you own?jewelry...jet he's worth more than my car,lol
    Have you ever shop lifted?not on purpose
    Did you ever play with Barbies, as a kid?no, i liked trucks and animals
    Do you drive?yes!
    Do you speak any other languages?used to speak a lil spanish. i wanna learn more and be fluent in them
    What is one country you'd like to visit?Austria or germany
    Do you have any bad habits?prolly
    How often do you shower?once to twice a day. i dont get how people can not like showering
    Do you go the dentist regularly?yeah, i hate it though
    How many bedrooms do you have in your home?2
    Do you like eating Peeps? (the marshmallows)yummy
    What do you think of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen?ummmm i liked them in full house. i wish i was them so i could have all that money
    Have you ever been depressed?yeah and i still am
    Do you have more than 5 secrets right now?yeah
    Do you watch MTV?no, i dont have cable
    Do you shop a lot online?no
    Have you ever been to Disney World? How was it?no
    Have you ever traveled by train?no
    Were you ever into the Beanie Baby craze?no,lol i only have like 7 dobie beanies
    How old were you till you stopped believing in Santa?my parents never told me it was real
    Are you a risk taker?sometimes
    What do you think you'll be most remembered for?idk, i hope being a good person
    How much faith do you have in yourself?depends on my mood
    You're the lead singer of a new band- what's it called?fallen,idk
    What're the names of your first 2 kids?im not gonna have any. i like the name aleah and zara
    What are you obsessed about? obsessions no one knows about
    What size waist are you?none of your business
    Do you download music illegallly?hell yeah
    Are you single?yeah
    Do you like chick lit????
    Have you ever read the entire Bible?no, parts
    About how many hours do you sleep a night?5
    Do you bite your nails/the skin around your nails?eww no
    How do you feel about Ebonics?what?
    What gaming system do you have at your house? (PS2, etc)....
    Do you own a lap top?i wish
    How much do you think your sex is worth?no one can afford it!
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