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nuckelavee158 (nuckelavee158) wrote,
@ 2011-11-08 15:02:00
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    Burnham appears heat on health bill

    The government today received renewed pressure over its controversial health bill like a new campaign was launched urging it to scrap or face creating 'catastrophic damage'.

    Ministers were facing fresh calls to abolish the plans since they were advised it will place the NHS in 'great danger'.

    The call came as part of a national drive to unite those against the proposals and urge the Coalition to pay attention and act about the wide-ranging concerns of clinicians and patients.

    The 'Drop the Bill' campaign, aims showing the total scale of opposition for the Government's plans, and hopes to heap further pressure on David Cameron and Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, to 'do right by patients' and put a stop the largest overhaul with the NHS since its inception.

    As the campaign was published from the Labour Party today, shadow health secretary Andy Burnham said: "At an occasion when the NHS is facing the biggest financial challenge in their history, there couldn't be described as a worst time to get a huge disorganisation. The NHS it's essentially drifting at this time. This bill can be catastrophic.

    "People didn't prefer this bill, they did not prefer the break-up with the health service. I really believe it is still possible to avoid the check. I realize within my heart of hearts the Tories and also the Lib Dems can see the folly of this bill. "

    People is going to be urged to sign an internet petition at dropthebill. com to show their opposition to the plans. Additionally, Labour's shadow health team will be holding events across the nation in the next ninety days, including 'Drop the Bill' rallies.

    The launch in the drive came because the Government indicated it would give ground around the duty to advertise autonomy of NHS organisations - an important measure designed to boost competition over collaboration.

    Mr Burnham added: "There has been climbdown after climbdown for the bill, on issues that go to the heart of their vision price of lipitor. It's a fundamentally bad bill. "

    He added it would develop a 'postcode lottery' for treatments, lead to longer waiting times and damage the doctor/patient relationship.

    "These arguments demolish true for that bill, they show it's flimsy in fact it is in tatters," he said. "It will squeeze NHS in great danger.

    Millions of people are ready to fight it, our obligation would be to unite these people into one big deafening cry. "

    A Department of Health spokesman said: "We are passionate about the NHS and want to safeguard its future. We realize that some of our health outcomes for patients lag behind European averages.

    If we want our NHS being truly-world class, we are able to, and must, do better. That is the reason why we're modernising medical service to improve outcomes for patients and safeguard the NHS for our children and grandchildren. "


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