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REBECCA (nthclouds) wrote,
@ 2005-10-01 16:09:00
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    This is no title for this
    It's nearing Saturday evening and I'm sitting here in front of this computer, nice. Some 'friends' came by earlier and wanted me to go out with them but lately...I don't know. I find peace in isolation. I've been thinking about the infinte onion a lot, the endless layers of possibility in existence. It is difficult to explain, sometimes my mind races faster than I can formulate and fully understand the concepts I ponder over. I started playing Second Life yesterday, it's fascinating, and frightening, easily addictive and a hell of a lot safer than some of the other shite I've been addicted to. Heh.
    I went to Mastadon early this morning and sat in the forest in meditation, contemplation of my life....I am a very confused individual, ehhh, but that's ok, I'm not bored.
    Now for some triviality...I took a drive last night, and I was pulling off of int.55. Some dickhead behind me almost rams into the back of my car, so I stopped and he gets out of his shitty pickup truck to I guess fight me and I'm just like, ok whatever and I step out onto the street and he just stops and stares at me. So I said wtf is wrong with you? He continues to stare at me like a dumbass and then proceeds to try and ask me out. I don't understand men.....

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