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Matt (ntcbassist) wrote,
@ 2003-11-12 23:30:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:People IMing me.

    So um yeah...Stuff
    Alrighty, it's been nearly a week since I updated this thing but here goes. Things have been better in my life but some things have been really good lately and everything else is pulling through. I've been getting out a lot lately, hanging out with people, people coming over here to hang out, went to Sunnyland (old abandoned insane asylum), you know, just being active. I'm keeping up with giving tarot readings and I heard through the grapevine that Chris is really impressed with how fast I'm learning and how fast I'm getting better so that's just stellar considering he's like my teacher and all (I'm an apprentice! YAY!) Dan, Tabby, Amanda, and myself have gone on some adventures lately. We went driving around at ungodly early hours of the morning, found a creepy lake, found a blood stain in the road, got chased by some car, went to Wakulla, you know, just the fun stuff. The next night we went out to watch the lunar eclipse and Mike and Fatemah came along. Lots of fun with that and the people that were there left their fire for us! Free bonfires are cool! A bunch of us went to Sunnyland a few days after that, JP, Ali, Jazmin, Dan, Mike, Fatemah, and myself to be exact on who went. If you want details on that ask me in person, some weird stuff. Other than that I've been hanging out with Maggie quite a bit, which is awesome cause' last year I never really got to know her. She came over last night and we talked for a while then figured out our class schedules for Spring, went to McDonalds, came back and registered for classes. We have 3 classes and the same lunch break together, which is so sweet cause I finally have someone to go to class with and study with, that should help my motivation a lot. My classes for next semester are as follows...Music in Western Culture, 19th and 20th centuries...History and Criticism of Art 1...Elementary French 1...Music Theory for Non-Majors...Self Defense and Martial Arts...and Basic Weight Training. Maggie and I have music in western culture, art criticism, and self defense together every Tuesday and Thursday morning. I've decided on switching to a Humanities major and I'm taking the weight training and self defense classes mostly for a workout. Instead of forcing motivation to go to the gym now I HAVE to go, it works out in the end. Other than that I went to pay my rent this morning, to be told that I owe $1000 instead of $491 because apparently the credit card payment I made for last month's rent didn't go through and no one told me. Well that has been fixed but the other hastle of the day was the office telling me I couldn't write a check, I need a money order. It's not been the greatest of days but everything is under control, they gave me until tomorrow to get them the money order and everything so I'll be fine. Frank is coming over with his car before class tomorrow so I can use it while he's out and about learning. While I ran around Maggie took a nap and when I got back I followed suit. Around 1ish Maggie left to go do some stuff and I, I went to sleep. I just woke up at 11, staying up all night and then getting bumrushed by your apartment company'll do that to ya. Other than all that things are good and getting better by the day, but I think I've lost Gabe. He usually calls if for nothing more to say hi, but not so much anymore. Eh, more power to him and her, congrats on the approaching one month and Gabe you had better never say anything about Fatemah stealing Mike again...cause' now we can just turn that table right back at ya. I'm orchestrating a movie night right now (y'know, since I sleep all kinds of funky hours) so I'll update again soon. Peace.

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