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Nathan Scott (nscott) wrote,
@ 2005-05-12 17:37:00
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    7/10 on the 'day' scale.
    Yeeah, it wasnt a great day, it wasn't a bad day..
    It started off REALLY fun with the game in o'betts, swimming was cool even though i forgot my suit haha... math i got a 96 on that test i took, and NO french today. woot! Band was good as usuall.. it was funny. Mr williams was like : so there has been something I've wanted to tell you guys for awhile... and i just shout out : "HOW TO MAKE BABIES?" haha wow.. i've noticed i act TOTALLY different in band class than I do anywhere else.. its wierd, but not in a bad way.
    so it was a GREAT day up until I had to make up this test for math.
    So i go in, and my teacher is like : Ok, 40 minutes, get it done.. keep in mind this is material i covered like one month or more ago, and i have FORGOTTEN it *completely*. Sigh so i asked for study time she said no.. that made me REALLY angry. So I left like 1/3 of them blank, i answered 1/4 that i knew, and the rest i just BSed, with no points in sight. I have a fucking D in her class... i have NEVER done this bad in general in school.. i have 2 D's(maybe one E), and w/e the other grades are thats all that really matters..
    Then i came home, did my h/w feeling all grumpy... and then sara updates a journal that was reeealy nice about me... I needed that perk, it kinda made up somewhat for the math test. Thank-ee m'am.

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