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Mel (notta_rolemodel) wrote,
@ 2004-08-27 19:21:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:danger- keep away:: slipknot

    yea so today has been supa supa fun...i actually got to sleep in!! it was great!! i just feel so awake and ready to do anything!!! but yea and my friend, lil, were just chillin online when i decided i wanted some donettes....yea we are like obsessed with them lately...try them they ROCK! but yea so we went to the store and bought some and were eating them and we kept driving by the house of the guy that she likes...i told her since we were in my car she had to throw one at him and be like here your sweet! but she didnt cuz she is a wuss! but thats ok i heart her anyway... but yea then we just pimped around town for awhile....then we went to her house and listened to some tunes and then i went home and put new shoe laces in my black sneakers....but i need new ones cuz i really dont liek the ones taht are in there now...but anyway...i was on my way home when i saw the pimpest!! and i mean PI-YMPEST honda civic known to like man-kind!! and the guy in it was like **sizzling noise** HOT! but that is my day so me and lil get to go to a going away party for our friend bryan....

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