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Natalia (notoriousnat) wrote,
@ 2003-10-19 19:18:00
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    Current mood: creative
    Current music:alejandro sanz- ella

    school of rock
    today i went to church and for some strange reason i actually enjoyed it. im not sure why, i think its cause my brothers friend dustin went with us. but anyways....

    last night i had a really scary dream that there was a robber and he stole my nerds and i was scared but my dad or my brother wouldnt wake up, and when my dad finally woke he couldnt catch the robber. it was scary and i woke up and couldnt go to sleep because i was scared. i was sweating, and i stayed under my covers and didnt dare breathe for a while. i hate being that scared. but yea eff scary dreams

    then i went to the mall and met my brothers girlfriend. she is weird and kinda ugly, not really what i expected from my brother. but oh well. brandon was there so it was fun and we got a free cherry lemonade yummmm

    then i went to the movies with my dad and we saw school of rock, i felt kinda violated because i have been doing that my whole life and i never get anything cool like that. so whatever they stole that idea from my dad boo ya

    things that make me happy

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