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Gig (notoriousgig) wrote,
@ 2003-07-21 02:53:00
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    Howdy! I got back from boy scout camp a few days ago. It was a blast, what with all the merit badges i got accomplished. The the most badass merit badge there is: Wilderness Survival. It's basically a course where you talk about what to do when you're stranded out in the wilderness and have VERY limited supplies...kinda like the show Survivor, only not as rough. But we did have to build a shelter big enough for four people out of sticks, and sleep in it (boy was i a wreck the next morning). In addition, i got the officially declared hardest attainable merit badge: Environmental Science. The badge itself sucks major kitten balls...intensely. However, the guy who was teaching the course was kickass kool. He was talkin about how gay the kids are that work at the fag camp that i went to in June, and i was like "damn straight" and "hell yeah." Then there was the Swimming merit badge, no biggie. I know how to swim perfectly well, as well as all of the strokes, so it was a breeze. The last merit badge i got was First Aid. It was cool, i am now certified in CPR and whatnot, it's all good. The food at camp much grease, and through a series of tests, we discovered that the staff in the mess hall changed the fruit in the fruit bowl like once every four days, regardless as to whether or not it had been half eaten. The major highlight of the trip though was quite embarassing on my part, but it was cool nonetheless...I defined the true meaning of a "wet one." People may be fooled by today's pop culture into thinking that a wet one is when you fart, and crap comes out, but according to my personal experience, a true wet one is when you push to fart so hard, that piss comes out too! It was socially horrendous, but me and all my fellow campers were laughing our asses off! Among the other key parts of the trip were: the cum puddle, the caterpillar fireball, turning our pants into life jackets, TOO MANY BITCH TITS, seeing Sanjeet (one of the few kids that are equally as cool as me), and of course, the ever-grumpy Vince.

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