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DKFUN (notjustafan) wrote,
@ 2003-01-21 23:30:00
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    Current mood: lethargic
    Current music:Avril Lavigne

    well here I am
    yes, here I am. sitting on my computer late at night writing in an online journal. Really, it's not late, but I say late to be dramatic. oh drama. hmmm there wasn't any today, although when there is some, I'm usually the center of it. I guess that's where I like to be. And I'm ok with that. I'm ok with a lot of things. I'm ok with the fact that I have to go to school tomorrow and pretend to pay attention in history class, when really I'm staring at the map of the colonies of the United States in the 1850s debating to myself Yosemite Sam vs. Elmer Fudd. OK i don't even like cartoons, I don't watch them. As a matter of fact I avoid animated things like the frickin plague. When ever I write "plague" I always think it looks kind of like "plaque" and I guess it does, ok and I'm not even dsylexic. Not that there's anything wrong with being dsylexic, but really I don't get those letters mixed up any other time, I guess it's just an anomaly. I love that word. Vocab word last unit, oh yeah! I try to work in all my vocab words into my daily conversations. . .I've been having a hard time using "geodetic" and "antropomorphic." I picked lathargic as my mood just now because it sounded catchy. If I was going to start a band I'd name is "Lathargic Lepers" or something equally amusing and alliterative. oh yeah! I guess musical talent would help if I was going to actually start a band, but I haven't got any, so I guess it's out of the question. . .(here's where I would insert a cutting remark about some band that has no talent and how I could be just as famous as them, but it's really late and I can't come up with anything good. . .i'd appreciate some help, though) . . .

    Ok so as aforementioned, I've taken it upon myself to be OK with things in my life: here's how that's going. . .
    so far, so good. I'm ok with school, I'm ok with the fact that right now I'm successfully procrastinating on several projects including a research paper (you know what they say about procrastination, right?. . .they say that it's like masturbation, it feels really good until you realize you're only screwing yourself. . .), I'm ok with the fact that there is an adorable, smart, sweet, wonderful jackass currently on my mind every second. I'm ok with my friends, and even those who consider me their friends but really have no basis for this consideration considering that if they would only look a little deeper into our "friendship" they'd see how really lacking it is. . .but I'm ok.
    I'm thinking of starting my own support group, the "I'm OK Group." (haha Fight Club) We won't help you solve your problems, we'll just help you be ok with it.

    Wow the temperature in my room right now is below freezing (ok that's a hyperbole (---another vocab word, man I'm on a roll!), but you get the point) but I'm ok with this sub-zero environment because I've got my favorite blanket on my side, combating Jack Frost and all his evil snowflake minions.

    (Two people just signed off. . .I hate when people sign off. The slamming door sound is so. . . final)

    And now I shall be off, with a hop, a skip, and a jump! (ok, so it's more like a stagger, a drag, and a plop)

    Conquer the World, and be OK with it!


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