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holland (not) the country (not_the_country) wrote,
@ 2004-01-08 20:19:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:The Police- Roxanne

    i can feel the sand in between my toes while it snows*
    Limey McLimerson.
    yeah, Lime.
    That's what i looked like today. A big bowl of lime-goodness. I wore my*Lime/Green GSUS jacket that i was so proud of because i got it for such a good deal, and i felt like a fresh beam of light and i just thought it was totally appropriate that i share that with all of you...Moving on.-
    I am enjoying reveling in my eyecandy goodness that im kind of curious about *tasting the rainbow*(starburst joke). I think im getting carried away-i mean especially in my inter-personal in the gutter thoughts that are totally un-necessary but its ok, because they are only thoughts.
    So anyhow, school was fine, still fighting some of my demons and FORCING things that truly bother me to just "roll off my back" which i am proud to say that i am doing very well at that trait.
    But i will still put my two cents in about those injustices.
    Like what is it with everyone's constant attitude at school? It just makes me give such a large ::sigh:: of relief that i am leaving this place and these "houtie toutie" people with their noses up in the air and their wayy too pish posh style that is just above and beyond me. I give up. Im getting my parachute and jumping of the fashion plane ASAP. I could give a rip less about what i look like.
    I have been doing minimal makeup look that i like to call the "no makeup-makeup look". Its soo 'i just got done playing in a golden field, picking white lillies and staring at clouds"-and how in the world can that be a bad thing?
    What im trying to say in my wayy to descriptive style is that i dig this not caring but slightly caring look that im doing, and i have gotten some great feed back from it.
    which once and for all proves to me that i do not have to 'put on the redlight' or dress scandalously or cute-sy or up to fashion everyday, i just can roll out of bed and still look acceptable. And that is a really comforting 8 days after new year's realizaton.
    so right now, i'd have to say life is mediocre, but i know that there is like an amazingly unbelievable good thing right around the corner that i am hoping has everything to do with my eyecandy.
    Now that i am out of breath from all my run-on sentences i have to go crawl back into my pyschology AP GI-normous textbook.
    Sweet dreams sugar daddies*

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