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holland (not) the country (not_the_country) wrote,
@ 2004-01-07 19:36:00
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    Current mood: dorky
    Current music:No Doubt- Ex-girlfriend

    ... you say the music means more when im with you.
    Did i ever tell you that i absolutely HATE the sound of alarm clocks? anything that remotely sounds like an alarm clock-i get a nervous twitch er something. Its just not right.
    Me and the morning just do not go together. i finally gathered up my sheit and hit the asphalt on my way to escuela (school).
    Well i'll start off by saying overall i had a really good day.
    school was alright, i mean you know as good as school can be. i got reserved for prom today which was nice i think? i looked semi-decent today in the same shirt that i slept in.
    i think im going off the deep end of trying to accomplish being comfortable at school.
    i mean lord, i atleast need to pick out a shirt.
    but nevertheless, even though i rolled out of bed, i was still late to school. that's like cumulative tardy number 77.oh well... im over it. i'm senior and i am still entitled to stretching my senior superiorites.
    _but i had something suprising interesting happen to me today...
    i realized that things just don't go right when you aren't around. i look around and wait for that sound... i thought you were there that time. the only reason i smile infront of you is to hide what i really feel. i have to be strong. i have to for both of our sakes, don't get me wrong, i still love you and you are the one i want. but i know this doesn't matter. nothing compares to what we had, me and you.. that was real.. remember? don't worry im still in love with the colour blue..
    _im just scared.
    thanks for calling, i hope you had fun at the game,oh and i didn't mean what i said.
    But i have to go study for something.

    just a little side not for a little someone*
    ((i hope you had fun,and you got great seats and that coveted goodnight kiss.
    but i hope you can deal with my goodbye, because i was right, i really can't take this*))

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