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holland (not) the country (not_the_country) wrote,
@ 2004-01-03 07:33:00
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    Current mood: hopeful
    Current music:good charlotte-changes

    ... still holding on a saturday
    i remember sitting there
    watching the way your lips moved
    and all i could think about is if you were truly happy.
    i was so comfortable i would do anything to make you not go.
    the sun caught your eyes and i fell head over
    heels before i even realized i was standing in the first place
    the natural light reveals all i need to know
    and lights up the contours of you face
    and i think you maybe,might have started to glow?
    did you not see that im captivated
    now that i don't have you.
    and you seem so gone.
    you say don't deserve you,
    you say for too long i did you wrong.

    i sat in the car and swore i wouldn't get out
    but you begged me to let you go...
    and you were right, i would regret not kissing you.
    but you always leave, you always walk away...
    God- don't you see i am more than some
    girl you just leave waiting on those steps?
    i've bled so many tears on those steps where you left me
    with some foolass last words
    and some heartless goodbyes
    i am more...
    now i know your gone-there's no hope.
    my whole body's sore
    my eyes are blurred
    but i don't want to sleep.
    is this what it feels like to miss you?
    you put me on a pedalstool
    how could that not be good enough?
    i took everything for granted.
    im sorry im not everything you want me to be
    its sad because you are the closest thing to perfect
    but the farthest thing from me.

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