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holland (not) the country (not_the_country) wrote,
@ 2004-02-05 16:09:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:Sunny Day Realestate_ So They Say These Things Are True

    Mmm.. i still taste it.
    I love Fridays, who cares if its raining and gray outside- i woke up to get ready for school turned on the news and found out we are sooo out of school for flooding! So of course, that just made my day.THEN around 7ish Megan calls and is all "i'm coming over to sleep. From 7 until 1:30ish my phone does not stop ringing. I finally had to put it under my pillow. I would fall into a deep sleep and then my phone would go off, singing that stupid chingy song "stop drop kaboom baby rub on your..(ya know)" it was drivin' me nuts. So one way or another Megan got me up and we decided to make breakfast and get ready for the day. And then little Bia Bia Chelsea calls and we got plans for tonight! So me and Megan seperate for a little bit, get ready meet back up to go shopping, watch the Brentwood girls dance at the basketball game and then book it to Chelsea's. We got over there, got all glammed up and i help put everyone together! We felt so hot! Andd i'm walking out in my little lace bra(thinking there is only girls at home) and guess who i see? Um, boy from the O.C. just standing in there talking to Momma Lori. I was like uhhh??I about died, but he was very nice about it and gave me a really sweet compliment, that was needed. But then we were off to Jackson's to get some food, cause we were starvin! So we get to Jackson's and Chelsea with her eagle eye spots Nate Barlowe the lead singer of Luna Halo who just 2 weeks ago was playing the Rockstar roll at his show while singing and ever-so-often glancing at me.Which was nice. But tonight,totally changed things. We're sitting there at dinner and these annoying guys behind us would just not leave us alone, or stop smoking their near deadly cigars and making comments about my hip size...eyahh- anyway so Cary calls. And i'm like im pretty sure your brother is here at Jackson's and Cary is all go over there and give him the phone and im like "uh, what, I'm eating Cary.. but ok.. for you." So i walk over thereand hand Nate the phone, introduce myself to the Beautiful people next to him and then Nate starts walking back to my table. Nate says " Holland, seriously you look absolutely amazing- i saw you walk over to the bar and talk to Hunter and i was 'who is that girl' and then you turned around and waved and i was like 'oh my gosh, that's Holland, who's 17.' And he was like Holland, if i was a few years younger you'd be in trouble So he was talking to Cary and i was making fun of how they are like a married couple, and he was like "i wish i was here with Holland, Cary- you need to bring this girl around more often, she's wearin it out." And he goes "seriously Cary, im gonna marry Holland one day if Joel doesn't get her first, i think i just fell IN LOVE with her, i hope Joel knows what he's about to lose".. and i was like "Lord,i don't know if he does, but Nate can you please say that a little louder so Naomi, Chels, and Megan can hear that?" And he grabbed/hugged me and whispered in my ear, "Holland shut up, you know you like it!". Rockstars and the effect they have on me is close to deadly,its ridiculous. I didn't act retarded, but to say the least, it was needed. After all that, laughs and fantasies shared we went to Boundry where there were old dirty men galore and it was just too much for me, i said "hey' to Baker -the bartender and we left before we ran into a legit. pediphile. So we all decided that Mafioso's for desert would be a grand idea. We got cheesecake and tiramisu with a side of scary old man stalker who tried to sit with us at our table-that was not happenin.John had to regulate. Finally, Jim and Ryan showed up we stayed there until midnight-ish and then headed back to Naomi's apartment to watch 5th wheel and Elimidate. But back at the place, Jim and Ryan didn't leave until 2:30ish and Jim tried to bring back the old times by having a slumber party, who does Jim think he is? haha. Oh goodness.

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