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holland (not) the country (not_the_country) wrote,
@ 2004-02-04 19:02:00
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    Current mood: apathetic
    Current music:Modest Mouse-Talking Shit About A Pretty Sunset

    today the rain washed you away..
    You look around and realize the things that are going on in your life really aren't so bad. Seriously, today i felt like i put out fires all over Brentwood High. I was like, what in the world is going on? It seems like February, Black History month and "supposedly" the month of Love only confuses people and gets couples in love quarrels and tangles and its just no fun. And i feel deemed the official "advice giver". Honestly... haha, but i know a thing or two about the topic so i guess i helped as much as i could.
    Well not to mention everything that was going on with Brentwood's couples today,but the weather was really bad too, which just adds another element of just gross and icky. BUT the weather prevailed and we got out of school at 12. It doesn't even compare to yesterday though, so its not even really worth celebrating. I just came home after i stopped by Chick-Fil-A to get my #1 combo and then Gabe and Megan cameover. It was really good to get to talk to Gabe, we sat on the window seat and talked about old times, and "the window' and ahh.. jason's house. I miss those days, when everything was just real easy, and laid back and no one was in a hurry it was just completely chill. We talked about all those things while Megan slept and Gabe interrogated me for the entire time how it was cool for us to smoke cloves out 'the window' but it was kosher for him to smoke a bowl out the window. That was the ongoing conflict of the day. I was like Grreat. Then i had to say bye to the little kiddies and they both fell asleep on my luscious "can't say no" bed and slept until 6ish. So after all that, the day ended up with me finding out that i am illegal to drive in the state of Tennessee because i'm pretty much blind, and i have to get some nerdalicious glasses, NEVER go into Hollister again, that we probably have school tomorrow, and that we stood up Cary for a movie date for THE Last time, and that doing snow winter dances in front of the T.v. with Megan and Derek does not increase the chances of Williamson County Schools being closed, even though there is a wave pool in the YMCA parking lot and the streets have rapids, Dr.Heath will not budge, he likes to keep us in suspense.

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