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Searching For A Reason To Carry On (normajames) wrote,
@ 2003-08-08 23:14:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:From Autumn To Ashes-The Royal Crown Vs. Blue Duchess

    As paper I cut your life.
    Went to the show tonite, ALOT of people it was great, but it was MAD hot. me and derrick missed the first band but got there like the 2nd song of Saved By Grace, they were great, i never really listened to them before though. the whole place was a pit especially for in dire need, people were throwing around fish and a cows heart, lol. after that derrick got an alexisonfire shirt and sticker, then we sat on the stage and watched the bands from there like the whole night. it dies today, alexisonfire, dead water drowning, and between the buried and me where beyond sexy. after between the buried and me, we heard that nora dropped out, sucks... and derrick didnt relle wanna stay for the red chord so we left, and i came home. now im home and im not in a good mood for some reason, i feel like im being a dick to samantha cause she didnt go to the show, but i love her. tomorow is my brother birthday party, hopefully sam comes. after that me, luis, george, josh, sam, and joe are all gonna go to frca and see the fire works together. i miss hanging out with joe, hes my best friend and since hes got a job this summer we havent hung out much, but i love him. i cant wait to be with sam tomorrow at the fire works, i wanna give her a big kiss under the lights of the fire works, hehe that makes me feel a little better. i love you sam. goodbye.


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