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Jeannette Lynn Riley Wagner (nooneimporant) wrote,
@ 2005-05-22 21:48:00
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    Current mood: loved

    The weekend of wow
    Well first i piked donovan up at school around 7 and we went to my grama fun...she liked him and she was nice...i got money thats all i know the real her though...then we debated got my movie deal figured out and then came home...watched movies...went up into the barn and umm did absolutly nothing!! i swear...but the nothing we did was nice..then we stayed up and then bed we went...then we woke up got his inhaler...went to get tara..ate at pizza hut then we went got a dress...almost ran into tony...umm went to best buy...came home...we went and saw star wars and then i got sick...we got up went to church i was still sick...came home and chilled then something happend that was cool...first time that well cant put that on here but was nice...made him like all numb and i was like wow...i still dont think im good at doing that but i guess since i said for him not to doubt i cant...god i love him...we danced to THANK GOD I FOUND YOU...that song wow it was deffinatly good for the moment for me i dont know about him...then i took him to his car at the jvs...i didnt want him to go...i wish he was here right now..holding me...i miss him im sappy but im in love so im excused....LOVE YOU ALL byeee

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