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Jeannette Lynn Riley Wagner (nooneimporant) wrote,
@ 2005-05-19 13:33:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:Unwritten Law-She Says and Wake up call

    the backstabbing must end
    Well today its funny its like shit unless donovan and danielle are there.......i love donovan so much...i got called a bunch of stuff punched a few things and wished for a tornado so i could just leave...this class(DHO) made like 3 of its students cry..fucking bitching ways happy thoughts...donovan was so hot he does everyday. danielle and me stay after school....i need to yah start a health food benge so i dont gain ne more wieght....yesss go me...tomarrow oh yeah i need to ask donovan something tonight....yay..god i cant stop talking about ways hopefully he gets to spend the whole weekend with me again...i love having him around me...its like ahhh my boy right hot guy with me im soo safe and warm and ahh...i duno its great for me but i still think he gets severly bored.....ahhh if the voices of the DHO crabbed infested whores dont stop invading my head i will die from lack of a ciggarette to where i can shove in there eyes and whatch the in a happy really i am im just bitching because of DHO well i must go cuz i wana write a poem maybe and play games

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