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Adam Bernal (nomadangel) wrote,
@ 2003-12-09 02:07:00
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    It has come to my attention that I miss everyone so damn much. (Thusly Bryn, Amber and Kasey) The bad thing is, I can't stand the thought that they all could somehow hate me. I hear from Steve that Bryn hates me. I know that Kasey hates me. And from that Amber hates me. How can this happen? Have I chosen a wrong path. Most likely not. One thing I have always wanted was for Rachel and Kasey to be friends again. I just really miss the randomness of Bryn. GO BRYN. I love Bryn. I just wish she loved me. Hell.. Kate says I shouldn't worry about it too much, because I did nothing wrong. (With the acception of the misinterpretation of the whole Kasey thing. :Kasey I still love you: but yeah.) I wish I really had Bryn and Amber back. If either one of you are reading this? call me? I miss you.. I will talk out any problems you have with me. Just give me a chance to explain myself. FUCK I sound like I'm in high school. Cant we all be adults about a childish misunderstanding? No? I guess not. What ever happened to the Crazy Fucks? I guess like the name says? "We FUCKED up"

    BTW this confusion is killing me.

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