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The Beautiful Mistake (noloveleftxo) wrote,
@ 2003-10-16 22:25:00
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    Current mood: horny
    Current music:MxPx- Chick Magnet

    But what do I want?
    Nikita is so right.. I am soo dependent on other people's opinions I never seem to do what I anymore.. I have given up on soo many things that I miss soo much because of other people.. Maybe I am too scared to admit what I want.. Maybe I just wish it wasn't true.. Maybes.. Anyways.. So today was school I wore this short ass skirt but had to change b/c I felt soooo odd.. School was kinda lame.. As usual.. I got my toenails painted for Homecoming tomorrow.. I like the color.. It's really pretty.. Then I went to the game.. At first I got two hotdogs.. Ate those and got a dollar from Kyle and bought another.. I was still hungry so I bought pizza.. I feel like such a fatass.. I'm not gonna fit in my dress!!! I hung out with Stephen the entire nite.. It was fun.. Tyler was acting British.. It was funny the first half an hour.. My new name is Lady Spartacus (Alex came up with that) of Licktenstein.. LOL great name huh? Tyler dry humped the Dog (school mascot) it was soo fucking funny.. The Joes gave me two dollars..That was quite nice! WOOOOOOO.. I hung out with Bu for a little.. I saw the boy.. Seein him makes me sad.. But I must get over that.. I must be happy.. Tomorrow is homecoming! woot! I am home now.. Basically all alone.. And it's sad... Anyways.. Corbin is sooo nice.. I love how he won't let me forget my dreams and hopes.. He's sooo great.. <3 <3 Oh yeah.. Stephen said I need a boyfriend and he is gonna look for one for me.. LMAO.. This should be interesting if he remembers.. He said I'm horny.. Hmmm I miss the days when I didn't care.. They were better.. Cal's gf said I was mean to her when I rode the bus with her.. I can't remember her at all.. I feel bad.. Maybe it wasn't me.. This is bothering me.. Weird.. I am tired.. Good nite all.

    -~Lady Spartacus of Kicktenstein

    My heart pounds for you

    Edit: Stephen, Tyler, Catman, and some black kid were going to pay me like 5 dollars, unconditional love and head (from Stephen) and a water bottle for me to show them my boobs. I think not..

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