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mel (nofxrawr) wrote,
@ 2003-08-31 02:13:00
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    Current mood: sore
    Current music:dashboard concert in my head:D

    chasing ghosts
    chasing ghosts

    dashboard confessionals=sweeeet. yay today was the concert. went with brandy and laura. sarah was there in spirit - we even called her:) but anyway. let me explain.

    we loaded up on food at sheetz before we left but not before i got the chance to cuss out some fair goers who were inconsiderate and in my fucking way. so i got to lauras and we got a spoon for the ice cream. we actually drove down the street to route 7 with brandy feeding us choco chip cookie dough ice cream. dude, this one guy looked over and i think he just about died:D cause we're sexy like that.

    so we got on the turnpike - go us. laura made some signs about calling us 'n' honk if youre going to dashboard:) nobody did. but anyway. pa is totally fucked up cause the turnpike we payed a dollar cause they have this ez pass thing now. even though it was way more difficult. but we had the exit that didn't hafta pay a toll.

    so anyway pittsburgh is mad confusing and i got off the wrong exit and did you know aaa isn't like international?? we called the ohio one and they told us to call the pennsylvania one for directions. we went in circles for so long and we were like he looks like he'd go to a dashboard concert! and we saw this chinese guy we asked for directions then we saw another chinese guy and laura's like didn't we just ask him for directions? they all look alike damnit. j/p.

    anyway lets skip ahead - we finally arrive after a bajillion 1 way streets 'n' shit. we paid $7 to park when we could have parked free across the street. oh well. we walk up and get in line and some guy that tried to buy tickets from us sells the girls behind us a ticket. scalpers!!!! anyway. there was like one gate so we waited forever it sucked. when we got in, the 1st band had already played and brand new was playing. they're alright. we got our way to the floor thanks to laura and brandy just kind of dragged me lol.

    then the next band - mxpx, who i somehow totally got confused with p5k. wtf?!?!? anyway they rawked my undies lol. it was a good time to just jump around. then dashboard. ahhhh. we forgot our lighters but it didnt matter because it was so fucking amazing!!!! chris had this like cool mohawk in his hair it looked cool and the crowd sang along to like all the songs. i got kicked. then i kicked the kid behind me. who i was laying on at one point standing up and the kid in front of me was sort of laying on me so i stopped standing really and i was just wedged in between them lol good times. umm hands down was the last song they played - the encore. we called sarah and let her listen to the last 2 songs and him talking. aw sarah was there in spirit, like i said:)

    so we went to the car and chilled there for a while with the windows down a bit, called parents, ate our chips, drank melted slushies and water, and listened to the dashboard cd. awww. then some guy came to our window asking for jumper cables so we waited for them to give them back because i really would have beat them if they stole them. but like laura put it, they're emo kids they won't steal! hehe.

    a bunch of people waited outsidebrand new's bus which, by the way, we totally stood by:) and saw them. but they're not that great lol anyway. we made it home way better than we did getting there. didn't speed so much either! umm. got home and took brandy home so her mum didn't flip a bitch. and then me and laura went to perkins. where i ate penne pasta. and she had homefries. and when i was sick of my pasta i screamed i dont want any more fuckin' potatos!! i'm a smart one:D

    that's about it. i hafta go comment in laura's blurty now before she eats my soul beats me up. good nite, kiddies.


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