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River Flores (noconformity) wrote,
@ 2003-08-27 22:54:00
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    Current mood: groggy
    Current music:sorry about dresden

    Finally, I get the opportunity to update this damn thing. Okay, thats a lot of bullshit, I could've updated this thing many times. However, I was busy saying goodbye to friends and ending this summer. AHH the summer's end, what a crazy theme, such a poetic time of year i think i'm going to avoid putting it down on anything. A boycot against the norm..... finally I'm back.

    Anyway i hate to get overly serious on this reunion tour but i should mention my father. Good ole' Pops has come down with a rare syndrome called Ramsey Hunt. He pretty much suffers from inner ear shingles and paralysis of the right side of his face. This leaves my dad looking like shit and feeling much worse. The man can't even talk normal since the one side of his face won't move on it's own. My dad is one of those people that never admit when they are in pain and will do everything to avoid special attention, so when he is openly commiting on how bad he feels my heart totally goes out to him.
    There is nothing worse than seeing someone you love in pain and knowing that you can't do shit to help them feel any better.

    Ramsey Hunt syndrome is a virus. Two thirds of sufferers will recover fine. The other third will have minor to permanent affects. The doctors have pretty much no clue what to do. He's on steriods but they don't appear to be helping in anyway. Yesterday he got an MRI which came back with the results he has inflamed facial tissue.... Our reply, NO SHIT! Imagine that his face is paralyzed due to inflamed tissue, shit doc i could've diagnosed that one, thanks for the waste of money.

    So if it's not too much to ask, anyone who happens to read this please say a prayer for my father's health, and my mom's patientence and worries about the man she loves.

    A large disadvantage of being an only child is the horrific ripple affect that tears into the family core too easily.

    OHH and don't worry rockers i'm posting some of my new writings soon, filled with more rage and social justice ranting!

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