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Chrissy (nobodyzangel77) wrote,
@ 2004-07-19 20:45:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:pieces of me ~ Ashlee Simpson

    Soo Tired
    Hello to all. This is my first entry. Well alot has happened in the past 2 weeks. Saturday, july 10th, a friend of mine died from an overdose. I was so shocked when I found out. He was a really good person and you would have never thought that somethig like that would happen. You have to watch out for that stuff. Drugs aren't a joke and it will take your life so quicky. I will miss him alot. Tuesday july 13th, my friend stacie had her baby. his name is jacob landon. He weighed 8lbs and 7oz. Wednesday the 14th, my boyfriend turned 21 and he went to the strip club. He got so drunk too. I was so mad at him. I don't care to much for the strip club thing especially after what he told me they did. One tried to kiss him, then another was licking all over his chest and his nipples. Then one put her head in his lap and hummed. It just really upsets me that he would let them girls do that knowing I am here at home. Oh well. Last Friday I went to a party with my friends amanda and angie. It was over this girl named tabithas house. I thought it was just gonna be us girls drinking and having fun but like 12 guys showed up over there. it was just really weird. but ricky was out at the strip club so oh well. yesterday we went up to six flags kentucky kingdom for my moms company picinic. we had fun. me and ricky met tommy, robbie, and ashley up there. We all rode some rides. We finally convinced ricky to ride Chang but we got in line and they was like it had to be shut down for a little while. It was crazy. my whole body is aching from walking around all day yesterday. Oh, my mom has to get a hysterectomy july 30. I am gonna stay in the hospital with her and take care of her. Thats my moma and I love her very much. well I am gonna get off here and go clean. ~*Toddles*~

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