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Chrissy (nobodyzangel77) wrote,
@ 2004-07-24 18:08:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:get low ~ lil john and the eastside boys

    So yeah last night was a blast. Me, Ricky, Amanda, and Bowman all went out. we stopped at the store first and got some jack daniel slushies. Me and amanda got buzzed. Then we stopped at bob evans to get something to eat. my stomach was aching so bad from the slushie. amanda was talking all loud and pissing bowman off. But it was so funny. After that we left and went to Trixies. We had fun forreal. Ricky bought me and him a lap dance. It wasn't all that forreal. The girl was alright looking but anyways. There was this girl Dana there. She was pretty hot for real. we was gonna get a table dance from her but we didn't. We stayed up there for about 2 hours and then the guys dropped us off at tabithas and went to brewskies. We wasn't there too long then we went to white castles and back to amanda and bowmans. that was pretty much all we did. Ricky was supposed to go to work today but he would never get up. I tried to wake him but he wouldn't budge. he is still at home sleeping. I can't believe he is that tired for real. welp I am gonna go. ttyl.

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