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Cathy Leddy (nobodysbaby21) wrote,
@ 2003-09-02 13:30:00
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    well, this weekend was interesting. swan valley lost horribly, but theyll play better i hope. im mad at tim right now because he lied to me. i mean it was about something so stupid and unimportant, but its just the idea that he can still look me in the eyes and lie. he lied to me before when he would tell me that he loved me, before i cheated on him, he told me that he was lying to me. and then he promised that he wouldnt lie to me anymore, and oh my gosh look what happened. HE LIED. he said he was sorry, but now im kinda skeptical when he talks to me. i promised myself that after Jeff there would be no one that could lie to me and treat me like shit, i mean I PROMISED MYSELF and i let Tim lie to me twice already. its hard for me to trust people in the first place, and this kinda shit doesnt help. i love him so much though, and i honestly dont think that he means to, i think its the kind of lie thats just kinda there, it just happens. But this time, for real, if he lies to me again i WILL dump his sorry ass. Right now i feel really mean, like i dont really care about anything close to me. its just kind of weird, and im wondering if maybe the lexapro isnt working as well as it used to. Or it could just be my lack of sleep. i only got 3 1/2 hours of sleep last night, but i took some ginseng and im all good now. i have algebra homework and im supposed to be doing my composition paper right now but i dont really give a shit. Anyway Nickelback has a new song out and its called Someday and i cant wait to get the lyrics. I LOVE NICKELBACK!!!! OMG I WANT TO GO TO A CONCERT SO BAD!!!!! NICKELBACK IS GOING ON TOUR
    im too interested in Chad Kroeger right now to care so late

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