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Nichole Monique (noappologies) wrote,
@ 2003-09-11 20:15:00
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    9-11 A day to remember.
    Wow, this is a bunch of craziness! Today my Dad has been gone for 3 yrs and the World Trade Centers for 2 yrs. It just seems like time is passing so fast. It is hard to grasp sometimes. Nuts I tell ya. Wow so today at school we had some lady talk to us about sex and all of this and that. She was telling us about the con's of sleeping around and how it affects girls worse then boys. I think that might be a leway on the big question..........." Why is it that when a girl sleeps around she is a whore and when a guy does it he is a prideful king?" I believe that is b/c well actually I could not tell you but I just think that makes a little more sense b/c a guy can only contract 4 STD's or whatever and the girls can contract all 30 STD's...I think lableing a girl a whore is just saying be extra careful she has been around...but then again now-a-days you could be considered a whore for just doing it with one person that has a big mouth. And by word of mouth that is not even true...yep rumors! The biggest HS turn off is a rumor. Anywho enough about that....I hope that everyone had a great day.....Mine was alright. OH and Meagan...about Mat or whatever...if you do no love him then tell him before you let him get in to would not want to crush him..He is a great guy! I will speak with you laters...Love ya lots...oh and I do not know what that Marcie chic did to you but if you need anything just let me know. And whatever you do do not let her get to you or you are just stooping to her level....see you at school.

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