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it's easier to find something that is not there (no_business) wrote,
@ 2003-07-28 23:51:00
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    Current mood: full

    in my opinion...
    yes, i do believe that arroyo shouldn't be the only one to blame, because THERE ARE LOTS OF THEM, do i still need to name names? come on, she can't do all of that all alone, of course she has lots of people behind her. In fact, naniniwala ako na ginagamit rin siya, ng isang mas malaking tao, the one who started the business with the MILF. iam not basing all the things i've said with what i've saw on t.v. or the rumors that are spreading all over phils., lucky me, i already heard about all of these one month ago, first hand info from an AWOL scout ranger in mindanao and this certain person who's intelligent enough to research, observe and gather datas about the past, the history of the philippines and the things that had happened in our country. he's also the walking encyclopedia in my life, which makes me very proud and lucky to have someone like him, he's the most objective person in the whole universe.

    everyone has their own point of view, sadly no one dont have the right to tell me that what iam saying is wrong, or that his/her opinion is better that mine. this is my opinion, you're free to believe me or not. it's your own free will. or better yet, grab a book, or go out, research about the things that had happened, talk to a lot of much intelligent and insightful people... that would be the best thing you can do.

    i believe that we dont have to go do just like what the magdalo did to help our country with its crisis(although i respect them alot with what they did to finally break the ice, no one, as in no one else has the courage and strength that they've showed everyone) .... we FILIPINOS just have to know the truth and believe in it, we don't need to be stupid and idiotic again.. so that for once, we can stop HISTORY FROM REPEATING ITSELF. come on, i believe that the our generation is much more intelligent and clever than the past ones. lets all prove that.

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