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mel (no_apologies) wrote,
@ 2003-03-23 19:52:00
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    Current mood: thirsty
    Current music:nirvana- bleach

    fri- went hermit- it woz brilliant! vicious circle were so great although they didn't win, but the judges were really unfair. im gonna start goin quite regularly.

    sat- didnt do much coz had loads of coursework to catch up on.

    sun- went romford wiv tel, linny, chris, nick and tom, hollie woz there for abt 10 mins but had 2 go 2 brentwood. these 9 year old rudies started on us when we were sittin on the bench outside burger king and it woz so funny coz they were so pathetic. nick went over and started talkin 2 them which woz funny but i didnt find out wot he said. when we were walkin towards the brewary they followed us and threw those little milk fings u get wiv coffee in restaurants @ us, then they ran off. ah well lol.

    i have a bad sore throat which is the after-effects of the v bad illness i had on thursday which caused me to have a day off skool (i had it on fri too but wanted 2 go 2 the hermit so told my parents i woz fine), keep havin 2 drink hot drinks coz its sometimes unbearable.

    yeah so normal weekend... nothing remotely fascinating happened... have a week 2 do my ict and child d coursework... aaah!

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