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Daniel Jones (nnnabercrombie) wrote,
@ 2004-01-22 18:04:00
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    Current mood: infuriated
    Current music:None because this computers speakers are bugged

    Later in Day 2
    Well, after Comp Prog I went to lunch... and lunch was just like usual... except that I made myself eat a lot in an attempt to be less skiny... and uh... then I went to 5th period where we did boring stuff, first went over homework which I didnt do, then a test I got a 95 on, then our exam which I got a 74 on... o well... whatever. So then... um... well while we went over that I got to missing Travis again, I sware...and so I wrote a list of everything I loved/missed about him. It was pretty long... sigh... OK OK TIME TO GET OVER HIM. Well, a lot of my friends said it would be a good idea to try and be friends with this gay guy John... and so... I wrote him a note a couple days ago, and he left this note in my car, which basically said he thought I was a horrible person just out for sex, and that I was terrible, and how he never wanted me to talk to him. I was like. O. MY. GOD. I am sooooo the opposite of that, I long for a lasting relationship. Im a good person. I dont know WHERE he came up with that, I guess Travis lied to him about me I dont kno... I honestly dont kno why he thinks Im so bad... it was upsetting but what can ya do, you know? So... w/e. Then after we went over that crap, we still had an hour left of class. He told us we werent doing anything and that we could chat, play Uno, or um, play chess. So I played Uno for about 30 mins, then I just left and took my wrecked car to the body shop. My mom then took me to my little, session, where I pissed the guy off because I obviously didnt want to change my sexuality. It was interesting, but Im not really sure what to write about it. He made me a little... worried/scared... like about how bad it is to be gay and stuff... but, Ill be fine, no one can make me change. Heh. So yah I got home and now Im writing this. I STILL CANT BELIEVE JOHN SAID I WAS HORRIBLE, IM LIKE A REALLY NICE, CARING, LOVING KINDA GUY... URGH!

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