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shaylen (nlfshaylen) wrote,
@ 2004-08-22 21:18:00
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    How I started
    growing up I kinda always knew I was kinky The internet came to be and I was stoaked I could go online and chat and read up the "turn ons" I had...I found certain names for things I could only describe...didn't even know their were names for them. Or for the matter why I enjoyed stuff like that...since I was 11 I was interested in BDSM I wasn't sure who really to talk to I mean..seroiusly who do You go up to and say Yah I like being slapped around and controled..can't really go to Highschool I went threw the whole " first time seeing a "goth" " and I was like omggg wow..I started talking to a few of them and found out that I wasn't the only one Who enjoyed these things and had My first bondage encounter when I was 15..I thought it was amazing. Well that led to Me wanting other things. Now in BDSM certain "Masters/Mistresses" cap when adressing Themselves and You might see Me doing that ALOT ..I remember I was in a chatroom one time and I was talking to This guy..and He said You might want to try Gor out..and sent Me a 20 page thing I needed to print out first I was reading it and I was just like BORRRINNNGGG this sucks..It took Me awhile to get threw the first page lol. Well I started reading about a week later and I got hooked I told My mom who I was able to be open with thank GOOOD it took awhile...she kept finding things like My bondage barbies and other that Time I found out about Gor I was 16. but I am getting allittle ahead of My self. When I was about 14 I had been online and met this Mistress named Chained..she told Me to .."dominate" one of Her slaves..and..OMG. I found another turn on I liked to dominate women..I was told I was a switch..I still to this day being a Free Woman of gor..would NEVER domiante a Man..I own a Male slave but H/he is a switch I don't really ever dominate Him. I own 2 girls by the name of girl_alerius and jale_sotg..(som stands for Shaylen this girl) I never realized how much being a switch would hurt Me in the long run...

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