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Year in Japan (njapan) wrote,
@ 2008-12-18 21:58:00
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    Current mood: hungry

    Marason Taikai (“marathon competition”)
    The school day started at the regular time, with a short homeroom from 8:35 to 8:45. From there, my class went to the gymnasium to hear a talk about colleges and the future plans of Kojo’s students, followed by talks by representatives of various schools in many different classrooms. The classroom that the students went to was determined by a survey taken a few days ago that asked students to choose from a list of what colleges they might like to go to, but since I hadn’t taken the survey (I’m not, after all, planning on going to any of the colleges listed), Mr. Fujimoto just said that I could go to the talk in 2-3, followed by the one in 2-2. The first talk was basically about how there were many different types of colleges that one could go to (regular college, medical school, etc.), and the second was a lesson on art and “art in literature” (including an explanation of the difference between “first person perspective” and “third person perspective” in Japanese).

    After the morning of college talks, there was LHR from 11:20 to 12:00 to give everybody time to fill out a short survey about the college talks. Then, everybody did the regular cleaning, and had time to eat between 12:15 and 12:50. I opted not to eat lunch because of the “marathon competition” in the afternoon.

    At 1:00, all first and second-year students gathered on the school grounds in the gym uniforms, and the teachers did some talking about how everybody was going to walk to the site of the race, run, and then walk back to school and leave when they wanted.

    I had been wondering where the race would take place, but when everybody began walking, I figured out that we were headed for the marathon course that I’ve often run during track practices. When everybody arrived at the starting line (a road on a hill that led down to the marathon course), we set off quickly, with a teacher firing a gun (like the kind usually used in track meets). The second-year boys began first, then the first-year boys, and then all girls.

    The race itself was quite simple; we ran down the marathon course for about three kilometers, and then back, for a total of six kilometers. The course was pretty flat, except for the downward slope at the beginning, so I could not blame my mediocre time on that. I ended up placing 23rd among all of the second-year boys, which I didn’t feel was too great, although I hadn’t been entirely sure what to expect. Mrs. Nomura agreed, saying that I “tried my best”, but “a lot of people were ahead” of me. “Toshihiro used to be fast, but now he doesn’t get any exercise”, so he got 56th place. There WERE a lot of people who told me that I was fast, though, while I was running, and the teachers congratulated me when I finished.

    After the race, I walked back to school, got my stuff, and walked home (there was no track practice because of the race), getting home at about 3:40.

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