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Year in Japan (njapan) wrote,
@ 2008-12-03 18:14:00
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    Current mood: enthralled

    The Beginning of the End
    The second term finals have begun. The finals will span five school days, with my class covering about 13 subjects. Everybody seems to think that it’s odd that the five days are spaced with a weekend, instead of just being Monday-Friday. After finals finish, it seems that there will be a couple of weeks of normal classes (in preparation for the third term?) before the closing ceremony for the term on December 24th, with a few ‘special events’ during this time.

    Today’s tests were English II, health, home economics. Because this will be my last week of tests, I decided to take all of them (the teachers have basically said that what tests I take are up to me, not forcing me to do anything), even though I’m not even going to a few of the classes.

    The English II test seemed very easy this time, possibly because I was able to understand the Japanese directions rather than have to figure them out, but more likely because there no translations. The test consisted of multiple choice fill-in-the blanks, word rearranging to form parts of sentences, and verb conjugating (“bring-brought-brought-bringing”, “run-ran-run-running”). There’s only one question that I wasn’t sure about, involving writing in Japanese what a particular “it” was referring to.

    In health class, I’ve only been following the class about half the time. The other half, I’ve gotten printouts in English, and read an English book based on An Inconvenient Truth. This term, health has covered environmental pollution (hence the book), and first aid. A lot of the health test involved a text with lots of blanks and a word bank at the bottom, which was impossibly difficult for me, even with the word bank.

    Home economics was even more difficult, mostly because the only times I’ve attended the classes were to cook. The test seemed to be about house-buying and textiles, two things which I have no reason to be good at. There were multiple-choice fill in the blanks, but also questions where listing from memory was required. I think I did better than the “0” I was expecting, but not by a lot.

    After school (which ended at 11:50), I was interviewed for the school newspaper by the General Japanese teacher aided by the newspaper club (I would have expected it to be the other way around, but…), in which I was asked about my impressions of Japan, among other things.

    After the interview, I went late to Brass Band, and in fact only got to practice for about five minutes before I had to put away my Horn at 1:30. The leaving time was 2:00, and I got home not long after that.

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