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nisidia51 (nisidia51) wrote,
@ 2011-10-12 14:53:00
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    Current mood:exanimate

    Ways to Bring More Subscribers to Your Blogs RSS Feed.

    The importance of getting and retaining RSS subscribers so that you get repeat visitors is something you already know if you run a blog or plan to create one. The purpose of this article is to clearly show you what kind of steps you can and how you can work on getting more RSS feed subscribers to your blog in the best possible way ...

    Publish New Posts Often and Consistently: Frequency and consistency of publishing are two things that are top priorities to consider as a blogger. How often you post to your blog, whether over a day or a week is what is meant by frequency, and the more you post, the better it will be. By consistency, we refer to the matter of being consistent on how often you add new content and update your blog without fail. On again off again posting such as one week offering a lot of good quality content then the next week not adding anything will create unhappy readers. Heavy Dumbbell Squats If people believe and have faith that you will be updating your blog and offering quality content on a regular basis, then they will subscribe.

    Your Blog Needs Focus: If your blog is clear on what it is about, you will find that to stay update, more and more people will be willing to subscribe to your blogs feed. People won't be inclined to subscribe to your blog if your writing bounces from topic to topic because they see a reason to do so. Your readers will want to know just what to expect if they subscribe, so it is vital to keep your blog content tight and focused which also lets you know exactly what you should be offering. You can give your targeted audience the specialized and targeted knowledge that is in such great demand these days through your blog. So if your blog's focus is scattered around then it's about time that you got it in place, because only then you'll have more people wanting to subscribe and opt-in.

    Customize Your Subscription Page: If your subscription page is completely empty except for the sign up form, you're missing an opportunity. Use this page to highlight any comments or testimonials you have from other subscribers. Make them feel good about subscribing to your blog and the benefits of staying updated. If you don't have this kind of feedback yet, send a message out to existing subscribers and ask them to leave their thoughts on your recent posts. Check back through your older posts for any positive feedback readers have left, or write a new blog post asking readers to leave feedback that can then be used on your subscription page.

    The early stages of your blog development and gaining your audience are always going to be a little bit hard and that is why you need to focus on attracting repeat visitors because that can help you balance out your traffic.

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