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NirvanaKid (nirvanakid) wrote,
@ 2003-11-04 01:09:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:Nirvana - Big Long Now

    Angie, prolly why I'm still here.
    I feel like writing again, man ... I get so depressed without talking to angie, when shes not online, with me, or on the phone I start to feel so lost and confused mostly depressed. God If I ever lost angie I don't know how'd I'd make it though the day - man just the feeling of her not being with me is so scary and sad - shes like a part of me, the only thing that brings out happiness for some reason if shes not around I'm just back to a emotional depressed state. she means so much to me, when say she is everything I mean it to death - I'm not one of those idiot rest of 13 year olds who just say because they like someone - she really means more than life to me.
    shes like an angel from heaven send down to me, I just had to let that out somewhere.. just everything about her is great, when im with her I feel free from all the crap at home all the crap from school everything - I cannot stand middle school its filled with a bunch of immature idiots. Monique is about the only good person I've met there that lives to her word and is a REAL friend, the rest just talk behind your back and shit. Man all I want
    an island..
    monique and eve
    alot of vodka
    and kurt cobain
    to me... being with angie is reaching nirvana

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