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Grumpy Bear (nirvanagrl1641) wrote,
@ 2004-03-09 16:39:00
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    Current mood:crazy
    Current music:Beautiful-Lash

    School is School
    Nothing all that interesting happened today at school. We had "pajama" day so atleast I was comfortable. I'm supposed to go to one of the guys 's house tonight that I'm confused about so wish me luck. Hopefully tonight everything will get straightened out. I don't want to be confused anymore and frankly I don't wanna play games nor do i wanna be played with so yea. School was actually really boring today. I slipped in naps wherever I could. I'm almost done reading my book so I'm pretty excited about that. I'm trying to finish it in a week. Today is such a beautiful day... a little chilly but beautiful none the less. Brook was up at my school waiting for Kourtney when I came out and I was excited to see her at first but the I noticed Jessi was with her. How can I help her get over Jess if she isn't makin an effort herself? Next time she asks me to help her I'm just going to disregard it because no matter what I say or do she stll always goes back to her and is thats what she wants to do then she can go right ahead and do it b/c I'm not going to tell her what I think anymore about the whole situation. It's a waste of my breath...

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