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Jennifer (nilbrethil) wrote,
@ 2003-10-21 15:13:00
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    Current mood:excited
    Current music:happy b-day song!!

    OMG! It was Viggo Mortensen's birthday yesturday and I totally forgot! *slaps head in shame* Anyways, here's my little tribute to my favorite actor on his 45th birthday!

    Fast Facts:
    -Writes poetry. Author of the book: Recent Forgeries.
    -Speaks fluent English, Spanish and Danish.
    -Painted the large murals located in the artist's studio in the film "A Perfect Murder."
    -Lived in South America from age 2 to age 11.
    -Has been photographing for years, recently debuted with an exhibition at the Robert Mann Gallery in NYC.
    -Is also a jazz musician - he has released three CDs so far.
    -Worked as a truck driver while living in Denmark.
    -Stuart Townsend was originally slated to play Aragorn/Strider in The Lord of the Rings. Townsend, however, was fired shortly after shooting began due to creative differences.
    -Was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine.

    Fav Quotes
    Dominic on Viggo:
    when I got back to my hotel room (in New Zealand) Viggo had left a long telephone message in my machine. He leaves these kind of stream-of-consciouness messages on your machine, like "yea, this is Viggo, I'm eating chicken, I'm wearing blue trousers, the sun is shining..." I always save those messages.

    "Is it horrible?" he winces. "Does it look like me? As long as it doesn't look like me, then there's no voodoo risk." (when asked if he had seen his own Action Figure from LOTR)

    (About writing love poetry) "I have done that. I don't think I'll do it again. it scares people. They think you're insane.."

    Peter Jackson:
    [Viggo]has a non-Hollywood heroic aspect to him, much like Russell Crowe. There are Hollywood heroes and there are non-Hollywood heroes, and the latter are a lot more interesting to me. They aren't as classically good-looking but can play troubled, flawed heroes. Aragorn thinks as much as he fights. Viggo has that dark, mysterious, quiet-man quality. He's also very intelligent and private. A lot of people have said these movies are going to make Viggo a big star. I nod and smile, knowing that being a big star is the last thing in the world that Viggo wants. He's completely unimpressed and disinterested in that world. I think he'd prefer to stay home and paint, write his poetry, and enjoy himself rather than play the Hollywood game. That's an aspect of him that I respect a lot.

    If you meet anyone more talented than this guy, let me know, becasue I don't think one exists.

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