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Jennifer (nilbrethil) wrote,
@ 2003-10-19 14:22:00
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    Current mood:busy
    Current music:that #$%^# hampster's wheel! ahhh!

    *Super* NYC
    I just got back from my *super* trip to New York City. We got there late Thursday night and got back this morning. It was the usual vacation...walk all day, sleep for a couple of hours, eat only one meal a day (if lucky). I've wised up as of late and brought loads of snacks, which I hid from the rest of my family. I also brought my cd to listen to while walking. I had to be careful though, becasue mom started getting pissed when I didn't respond to her history lessons. It was fun just the same. We saw 42nd Street, a Broadway show about some people who like to dance. Yah, that sums it up pretty good. We met up with Kenny and Alex, who tried to have a convo with me in Spanish. The most I could say was "It's cold outside. That's why I have a sweater." Lol, my Spanish teachers would be so proud! There is this really pretty museum called the Cloisters, which has a whole bunch of medieval art, including the Unicorn Tapertries. The gift shop is what you want to go to though. OMG, I could've stayed in there all day! Hundreds of books on medieval weapons, beasts, and games. Unfortunatly, we only got to stay in there for 2 minutes but I had just enough time to buy a book on King Aurthur.

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