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¤ºnikkiº¤ (nikkistar02) wrote,
@ 2003-09-24 17:43:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:Boys Of Summer - The Ataris

    >>if those days are gone forever.. i should just let 'em go. but...
    wow i have a LOT of updating to do!!! oh man i need to get this done more often.

    >>We'll begin with last ... Saturday. yeahh thats it.
    Well, saturday afternoon i went to homecoming with lindsey and my dear loreto <3 [ love you two ] and we basically walked around and did nothing. yeahh lol. we watched the footballers practice and stuffs, so.. yeparoo. lol. and uhm.. loreto wanted a fishie.. hehehehehehe. [that didnt happen. lol]
    so then afterward, my parents drove me and loreto back to my house, and we chilled there until like 5:30. yeah. haha she fell asleep on my flor and i talked on the phone with vince.. who's biggest thing was, "torture your friend!" haha. what a funny kid. lol.
    soo. i woke loreto up, and we got each other ready. like we were 10 years old. haha she did my hair and makeup! lol. whee...
    and then lindsey picked us up. <3 haha we went to T.G.I.Fridays for Lidnseyes Birfday!
    [ happy birfday lindsey ] // what an amazing time we had. oh man. lol.
    first off.. the waitor.. was.. how do we say, uhm..
    hot? [ ... gorgeous, adorable, sexy, yummy, delicious + i can go on and on and on. ]
    so he kept like, staring at our table.. it kinda got creepy.. but.. oh you get used to it. lol.
    poor rose, whenever he'd come by, she was doing something stupid. lol
    second.. there was rose. hahah "happy birthday to you" ... "Shaniqua" oh man.. lol
    throw the tape recorder away rose! throw it away!!! ahh
    third.. the hot waitor.. again.
    i mean c'mon.. i want him lol.
    whenever he'd say.."if you girls need anything, just ask me.." i wanted to say.."can i have you, to go?"

    [ gurlies, you made the night amazing. ::sigh:: good times, good times. haha ]
    * lindsey is finally 15! lol*

    >>Then on Sunday...
    oh yea. sunday i went to the mall. with loreto ..and uhm.. "friends" {they know who they are.. and why they arent posted.. "evil.."} and uhm.. it was.. 'okay.'
    i dono.. im not very good at making conversation and stuff, and 'he' was in a 'weird mood' and well..
    it was pretty much boring. and then loreto kinda got mad.. [sorry! <3] but we are okay and stuffs.. but yea..
    Dickie Roberts:Formal Child Star --> most boring movie in history.
    not so much boring.. but stupid. ugh. 'the guys' seemed to enjoy it.. lol.

    >>And so far the school week has been going by extra slow. but i've been really really hyper latley. lol. it's kinda funny.
    and sooo much shit it happening. its all pretty much bullshit. but whatev. none of my buisness, so.. yea.
    i just hope everything gets better. <3

    >>Well. i have to go eat dinner, and then take a shower etc.
    so i'll 'catch ya later.'

    .x. nikki , nicole , nikki-gee. .o.
    NOT NIChOLE! ! !

    me. + [him] = >>

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