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¤ºnikkiº¤ (nikkistar02) wrote,
@ 2003-09-06 09:41:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:TV - Mrs. Doubtfire

    heylo heylo! <3
    so.. here i am. early saturday morning. . . it is SO beautiful outside. i just wanna jump into some clothes and run through the grass hehe :o)

    >>So yesterday ha to be the worst day in school so far. and a new record..the third day.
    well it was mostly locker problems, which still havent been solved yet.. so im still wondering what the hell the school is thinking. their just STUPID. the people there are just ridiculous. i hate them.
    yeah well. ha. the entire day i pretty much just wanted to come home. :o(
    i liked theater though. the games we played were pretty cool. lol

    >> I walked home with loreto and camillo yesterday after school lol. it was fun....
    then we came back to my house and we watched the VMA's and me and loreto were making fun of the music Camillo listens to.. i felt bad after words though lol. andd around i think like 5:00 my mom drove all of us back to the High School to drop camillo off, and she took me and loreto and my sister to Bed Bath and Beyond. ha it was okay.. loreto bought her gummy bears lol and we got some stuff for my kitchen. yepp.

    >>So today im going into Jersey for this block party.. and i dono.. im not so sure i want to go.
    see .. im going to this families house that has a son about my age. and we used to like each other when we were little. we were like, okay friends, but still...
    he hates me now.
    and i dono why, oh well. . .i'll bring some homework with me and do some of it there. to pass the time.
    because there wont be anything else to do.

    yeah well. thats all.
    i'm going to take a shower and get ready now... :o(

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