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¤ºnikkiº¤ (nikkistar02) wrote,
@ 2003-09-01 16:30:00
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    Current mood: exhausted
    Current music:Where Is The Love - Black Eyed Peas

    >>father, father help us..send us guidence from above...
    heylooo!! <3

    >>what is up all!? lol. i'm sitting here at my aunts computer in Merrick... lacking a cell phone. :o(
    [relaxx it's only charging!!!! <3]

    >>okie dokes! so lets recap! shall we??

    >>Last night! OMG! lol what a night what a night!
    I spent most of the day sitting at the computer talking to people, and fixing this crap blurty, and then katie came over! from the verrry start i knew we were in for some night! lol. [she's my partner in crime!] so we hung out for a while.. we all checked out the water fall, and then we "didnt" go to 7eleven! lol. hahahahaha so we were walking and such and we walked into the place to get ourselves a slurpee! <3 lol so we get inside and i tried out the "enjoyable" sour cherry minute maid slurpee. can you say "vomitrocious" .. say it with me now... "vom-it-tro-cious". good. pretty soon you'll be talking like me! lol
    okay so yey. katie wanted to use the blue rasberry, because if your going to get a slurpee.. get a GOOD one!? right!?? yes. well.. the man behind the counter starts screaming.. "IF IT"S BLINKING THEN YOU CANT USE IT." .. lmao! so on the walk home katie's all .."oh yes because i operate the slurpee machines on a dialy basis! ... i thought green meant go!.." lol too funny.
    yeah so we got back to my house and we played BALDERDASH. too many laughs to get into.. BUT! lol..
    >>initials --> A SMELLY PLANT?!
    >>dirty laundry --> ANNIE!
    lmao what a game, what a game.
    so we went to fork lane, only to be verbally harassed by six year olds lmao.
    aandd.. katie beat my ass in BOCCE whoot whoot! lol <3
    andd. we kicked her ass in FAMILY FEUD. >>although that game sucked<< lol and....
    yea the night was over.

    it was hilarious! lol

    >>so now im at my aunts house. i think loreto is coming home today! yey!! lol i need to talk to her, i missed her! <3 lol
    and i better go because i am getting the evil eye from my mother, in other words, the "what are you doing on someone else's computer while you should be making conversations!?"
    so i'll be back later..!


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