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¤ºnikkiº¤ (nikkistar02) wrote,
@ 2003-08-31 11:35:00
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    Current mood: weird
    Current music:All You Wanted - Michelle Branch

    >>my stomach's filled with the butterflies
    heylo. all! everything is okie dokie so far today.
    first off, i need to thank "vanilladust" for fixing my comments for me! ahh lol thank you so much!
    and i want to thank "babypieach" for making me this blinkie:

    yay! lol.

    okay so..

    >> The Sandhill picnic! .. it was off to a great start. people starting coming.. and we were all waiting around for everyone to come lol. it was fun. so we played kickball. and wow! i suck! haha.. yeah i think the ball came to me a buncha times, and john was always yelling.."cath it!" .. and i would get it, then drop it. screw the ball! lol. so uhm.. i finally caught it though, once.. lol.
    we played SPUD! haha .. it was kinda hard because we were all runing sooo far away fromt eh person that was it! lol so we stopped and played RED ROVER instead.
    ....... oh man!!!!! lol. there were a few injuries during that game! lol.
    Carolyn broke her ass! :( awh poor carrie! lol.
    My sister almost broke her pinkie, katie fixed it lol.
    -- a little while later --
    we played a sad excuse of truth or dare lol. Bobby wouldnt hump the elephant! hahaha it woulda been funny too.
    and chrissie didnt want to be 'too mean' but she asked who i had a crush on.. "uhm .. yeahh" oh well...
    -- a little after that --
    my cell rang.. i wont go into what happened after that.
    :o( [ sorry katie .. and sorry 'everyone' else.. i fucked up, big time... ]
    -- after THAT --
    Jill was running to yell at vince, and she FELL! oh man she cut her leg open and it was bleeding! oh no!! lol i brought some water to clean it off, and i was trying to keep katie away from teh bloodiness in the even that she would freak! lol. yeah and then a little while away katie came over to make sure jill was okay and stuff and vince ran.. yep. thats the last we saw of him.
    things seemed to die down after that.
    i talked to jill about some stuff lol we just walked up and down and up and down! lol awh jill <3 lol
    we went back to christine's house after the picnic. and we watched grease. i was trying to tell weather or not katie was still pissed, she had every right to be.. but .. yeah i hate it when she's mad at me.
    and then after talking for a while, katie's mom came and picked me and my sister up and we went back to her house to wait for my mom. and of course, my mom came at 10, and didnt leave until 10:45 because or parents talk and talk and talk ... lol.

    >>Yesterday was boring. i babysat at freaking 9"30 in the morning... crap! lol and the 3 year old tried to kill his 4 month old baby brother by slamming a door on his head.. oh my gosh.. damn, what a day..
    so i came home, jumped in the shower and then took a LONG nap. lol. at around 4:15 katie came [ lol yes katie! ] and we went to her uncle's house. [ i dont know where it is lol ] and so we hanged out there for a while. her cousin is the most adorable little boy in the world! it's crazy! he's so cute! lol. and then we had some escapades with the little angelo boy lol. and we went on the trampoline! ahh so much fun! lol hahahaha.. [ katie>> running around and around in circles! lol lmao we got so wet and dirty.] we left around 7:30 and i came home and went to bed lol.

    >> so i'm hanging out with the kenendy's yet again today! lol. we're having this bbq thing at my house.
    yepp. so that should be fun.. if we can find some things to do! lol. we'll think of something.

    Loreto comes home tomorrow! <3 yay! lol.
    i cant wait to see her! lol

    [ the summer is almost over... :o( i cant believe it went by soo fast! school in three days! AHH! ]

    well i need to go get ready for the BBq.
    so i'll see ya all later.
    >>comment on this long ass entry! lol<<


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