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¤ºnikkiº¤ (nikkistar02) wrote,
@ 2003-08-29 10:15:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:How Does It Feel - Sugar Cult

    sanhill pic-a-nic!
    Hello all.. wow it's been quite some time since a "real" entry!

    >>uhm on Tuesday, i hung out with loreto. we walked to the pizza place, and we talked. she had a lot a stuff to tell me, and she didnt think i would "understand" but .. we're best friends, i mean.. how couldn't i? >>loreto.. i'm ALWAYS and i mean always, here for you.
    and then that night, my dad took off of work, and i didnt have to work, so my family and i went to adventureland. yepp.. night out with the family. haha it was okay though.. not too bad.
    {angel wasnt there.. i looked ALL over =( }

    >>and then on wednesday i had to babysit early in the morning until about 2 o'clock. my gosh kids are a real big handful... yeah. and then my grandparents came over, we did nothing.. i stayed online for the night. lol. and after that we went shopping, and i got a few things for school, but not much.

    >>and thenn yesterday, uhmm.. i didnt do much of anything. just vegged out in my room in front of the t.v. yepp. but i went shopping last night, and got school clothes and two pairs of shoes. black and pink puma's. they were cheap, so i figure if i waned to get my converses' i'll get them at christmas. not a big deal. oh yeah.. loreto left lastnight. she came around to my house for a little while, and we watched moves hahaha. aw man i'm going to miss her!!!
    *I'll MISS YOU LORETO!!!*

    >>today is the picnic at sandhill. yay!! katie!!! hahaha. so yey. uhm...
    it'll be a blast, i cant beleive it's the last weekend of the summer =( so sad.
    went by too fast, in my opinion.

    soo! i think i am going to go and get ready for the picnic. i have some stuff to do before i leave.
    >>katie! i'll see you at your house around three o'clock.<< <3

    yey! haha fun fun fun.


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