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Nikki (nikkip7685) wrote,
@ 2003-10-07 23:07:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:the who: behind blue eyes

    wow...remember when too much porn?
    so yeah. really missing my computer right now. its just not the same without it in my room. why is porn so cheesy? and people just stare at it. its not so bad, but watching it with so many people is just strange. why is it that with some people its not embarrassing but with others you get this unbelievablly wrong feeling? lol. when it was suggested by a certain two people over that awesome weekend, we thought it was the best idea...but suddenly right now it doesnt seem like a good idea. but then again everything is always a super good idea when its me and emily, although i think that we scared steve, fernando and john. oh well, just keeping it real. im real sorry i missed dicks last resort on sat. lil em. wow. all these comments are suddenly making me self conscience. yeah. fun times. birthdays for your best friend when your not there arent fun. hey mike, thanks for letting me use your computer! i still feel a little violated...but im sure ill get over it. what can i say, you made my leg really wet tonight ;) ;) lol. today i was thinking about how genes are so unfair. like, ok i came first, so youd think that i would've gotten the best outta the gene pool, right? nope. theres vanessa. she was born second, and she got all the good genes. i think i've always knowen on some level, but today (this past weekend actually) i really realized it. i mean dont get me wrong. i love her and im really happy for her, but it just doesnt seem fair. first of all shes a fucking genious right and everyone knows. everyone. then she suddenly got all gorgeous. not just cute, not just pretty, im talking gorgeous. and shes all driven and joins all these do-gooder things. and she rocks out at field hockey. you know what my theory on all this is? i got the test them out genes from the pool and john got the left overs (not that hes not awesome cause he fucking rocks out! hes my hero!!) but vanessa got all the good genes. like all the good ones stuck together and formed an alliance and were like oh lets make this super wonderful baby. and they did. only shes not a baby anymore. well thats pretty much all that i have in the bitching department for tonight. i dont want anyone to take what i just said the wrong way. i love vanessa, that was just me venting. so please dont anyone yell at me, ok? and with that, im spent.

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