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Nikki (nikkip7685) wrote,
@ 2003-09-25 23:46:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:r. kelly: thoia thoing

    blonde is a state if mind...and yes i can change a tire...
    tonight was an interesting night. i like getting backrubs better then giving them. not that i mind giving them that much, its still ok, but it makes my thumbs hurt a bit. not that its that bad. but how does on work their thumb muscles? i mean correct me if im wrong, but in all my trips to the gym i've never seen a machine that works out any of your hand muscles, let alone the fingers and thumbs(which are not by definition fingers). i hate when people take your stuff without asking. thats not cool. i dont take your stuff without asking, and im the most unselfish person, and i definatly let anyone have anything in my room if they really needed it, but just have the common courtesy to fucking ask. so the blue notebook...yeah its gonna take me a while to digest that one. i dont know, some of the stuff in it just baffles me. i guess thats why im not a guy, huh? so i dont get it. if you believe society then you think that all guys love big boobs right? but why is it that almost every guy i know is like, naw i like "just a handful". ok, how insulting is that? is it our fault if our mother and all our aunts and our grandmother had large boobs and naturally we were also born with them too? it brings me back to the night of the "pool party" lol emily you know what im talking about. was it really necessary for john to say it out loud? i mean do guys who actually like big boobs, and im sure there must be a few out there, make a point of saying that they dont like small boobs? i dont think they do, cause it would hurt those less endowed girls feeling right? well big boobied girls have feeling too thank you. meanwhile still waiting for a cuddle...yeah fun times. had the most fucked up dream last night. wherein i got the shit kicked out of me. yeah thats always nice huh? oh well i guess i should think about my nice comfy bed sometime soon. sigh. someone leave me a nice message so ill smile when i read it!! p.s. lots of girls own pink underwear, people dont always know cause they arent sluts who let their pantys hang out for the world to see and only let the privalidged know about them...chew on that for a while...

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