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nikidogg (nikidogg69) wrote,
@ 2003-01-23 16:13:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:Amanda Perez - Angel

    ... shoop shoop ...
    finals are over... sooo yippeee! hehe... i was so so so upset tho because i had a D in APUSH... but today at lunch i went and turned in some shit and got it up to a C... 70.77%... whoop whoop... ohh and then i have a 79.7% in english and mrs. terry said that it should be a B- then... weeee! sooo overall... my grades should be:

    (Physics): B
    (AP English): B-
    (Math Analysis): A
    (APUSH): C
    (Spanish): A
    (Psychology): A
    (Drama): B

    ...hmmm... those look pretty good to me... except for the C... but ohh wells... phooey... it woulda been cool if it was a B... ohh wells... all my finals went okae... we'll see what my REAL grades are soon enough... i'll post em...

    last nite i went to the basketball game @ sweetwater with veronica v... it was cool cuz we won... and poor brit was there cheering all by her lonesome... ish okae tho cuz we helped her out and veronica got up and did some cheers too... then we took her home...

    ... yum big larsen was there ... AND we saw him on our way home! lovely... and then this morning he came into little larsen's class and he was talkin to me!... ahh... ::melts:: such a sexxxay booty there!... lol... gross huh? lol i like it...

    i was supposed to chill with lindsey today but i dunno where the hell she's at... i been callin her... but she ain't home... LOSER... lol... i got home @ 1045 today... and slept slept slept... felt super...

    i need something to do on superbowl...

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