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Nikki (nik41) wrote,
@ 2005-01-09 02:25:00
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    Current mood: drunk
    Current music:Thriller... Good ole M.J.

    Tonight was a completely unexpected drunken night, but very fun at that. I must start with last night though.
    So my sister, Josh and I went to the Southside to visit Megan at Mario's (the bar she works at) and once Megan's boyfriend got there we all switched seats and my sister left me to talk to some random guy that she decided to strike up a conversation with. Well we start talking about careers and blah blah blah. He first told me that he was a dog catcher, yeah ok, then he told me he was a pro football player. Ok, how are you supposed to believe someone after the dog catcher story. He was on the large "line backer" side, but still. So we talked more and he told me all about how he played for PSU and he has 3 houses and all that jazz. Of course I was still skeptical after he left to celebrate his friend's birthday, that as soon as I got home I looked it up on the internet. What do you know, the drunken fool was not lying. Apparently I was chillin with the nose guard for the Washington Redskins... weird.
    So tonight I didn't really want to go out but my sister didn't want to go alone. So we ventured over to Oakland (campus) to a party and had a drink with Abby and Ryan. After that we met Becky and headed to a bar where we had a beer and left to meet Abby and Ryan again at another bar. So we drank and drank, played darts with Lubby and drank more. Good times. Then we came home. Oh yeah we saw Andrea (cute as ever) walking in Oakland when we were first headed out and she was on her way out too. Can't wait to hang out with that girl. Love her!
    Anyways, we got drunk tonight and didn't expect to because we were supposed to come home early. But it was a good end to a good night and now I am going to eat someting.

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